Community Charts v4 Lite

Explore the climate outlook for your community

Due to inter-annual variability and model uncertainty, these graphs are useful for examining a range of projected trends, but not for precise prediction. For more information regarding climate projections, please visit

This R Shiny web application presents future climate outlooks for various Alaska and western Canada communities. The type of plot shown is a range bar, or column range, plot. It shows the range of values (minimum to maximum) among SNAP's five downscaled CMIP5/AR5 climate models. This highlights uncertainty about the future rather than focusing on an average, and without having to clutter the plot with additional ink. A range is shown similarly for the 30-year historical baseline comparison period, which is inclusive of inter-annual variability, but does not include other sources of uncertainty. This is the final of several versions of the R Shiny-based Community Charts application. See the CommCharts4 documentation for more information.

Matthew Leonawicz
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Scenarios Network for Alaska and Arctic Planning