Customizable charts: Alaska communities, daily precipitation

This web application displays daily precipitation data for locations around Alaska. The app is recommended for those familiar with the R programming language, simply because the options in the app control panels make reference to many common R graphics parameter settings that will seem esoteric to non-useRs. This app is designed first as an example to show the control of R base graphics plot settings from a Shiny app. Secondarily, it demonstrates the use of an API interface.

Others will be more interested in the daily precipitation data of course. The main panel in the graphic shows a time series for each year, where circles indicate daily precipitation frequency and circle size and color indicate relative intensity. To the right, opposing bars indicate six-month total precipitation prior to and following the first of the month on which the precipitation years are centered. Aggregate summaries appear above both of these panel graphics, where the top left scatterplot and loess smoothing curve represent the average of daily obserrvations across the selected years. To the right, the two bars also represent averages of the selected years. In both cases, the averages exclude data from the first and/or last year if either year is incomplete.

Data are downloaded in real-time using the Applied Climate Information System (ACIS) API.

Inspiration for the plot format came from Stephen Von Worley's Is California heading into a drought? graphic.

This app is no longer being developed, but it is maintained. I have a nationwide app under development which is similar to this one.

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